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Thursday, April 21, 2011

kita kawan je kan?

hmm,  masalah kan? aku nie, adoi, entahlah, dah terbiasa 'lebih' dari kawan, huhu you are supid pieqa! enough, okayy? dia pun dah declaire, kita hanya kawan. i don't have any right to him anymore, enough with it, don't be idiot again! huh!

but, totally i can't! see, again i said, i can't, i only have you lah, you are the things which is important to me, important to keep the continues in my life. hmm, entah lah. maybe dia memang betulbetul nak buang aku kot. huhu entah lah. 

god! help me, i'm dissaponited again, seriously, i'm bleeding inside, ALWAYS! nothing to say, not in mood, hmm, like i'm pointless in your life, NOTHING to you! is it? just admit it! i'm dying okayy? huh! :'(

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