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Monday, May 9, 2011

I miss you

hey, I wanna share something here, I want to say this to you, you MUST KNOW this, yeah, you!

● I miss to see you,
● I miss to hug you,
● I miss to hold your hand,
● I miss to look into your eyes,
● I miss with your lips,
● I miss with your nose, [easily to turn to red, like a clown, :')]
● I miss to hang out with you,
● I miss to put my head on your shoulder,
● I miss with your smell,
● I miss to sit beside you,
● I miss to cry in front of you,
● I miss to hear your laugh,
● I miss to kick you,
● I miss to slap you,
● I miss all bout you, :'(

AMIRUL HAKIM BIN ROSLI, I MISS YOU A LOT and SO MUCH! I don't what should I do, I always cry, I miss you, so and so much! You know that right? ILOVEYOU, SWEAR, I'M NOT LYING OKAYY? i'm getting crazy here, alone without you, :'(

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