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Monday, April 25, 2011

yeah! delay lagi! :DD

haa, delay lagi untuk pindahhh! :DD principal tak ada kat sekolah lah, ada kerja luar, so, nobody's sign the form, haa, :)) wahh, :DD hahahah maksudnya, memang berat lah untuk aku tinggalkan ipoh nie. hahahahh :DD

okayy, tadi, dah luang masa dengan amirul hakim, azizul rudzlan, edden azreen, muhd akmal dan hafiz haris, okayy, korang memang lahh! hahahha eyh, thanks a lot, okayy? :D even just ikan keli, tapi, aku tak kesahh, janji boleh ratah, hahahh sebab aku suka meratahh! :DD

okay, next, i get the present from my teacher, miss leen! hahahah love you lahh! :DD haa, the word which is have in that present, have a connection with my life, seriously. hahahah :D i'm not lying okayy? =.= it said like thiss :->

be strong, stand tall, never give up!
stay true to all your beliefs and goals. be strong. stand tall.
life is a series of levels-cycles of ups and downs-
some easy, some challenging.
learn, grow strong in faith, and mature in understanding.
when what seem to be impossible obstacle stand in your way,
just think of all times you got through yesterday.
there is a place for you in this world.
stay on your chosen path.
remember there's a deeper strength and an amazing abundance
of peace available within you.
be true to what is in your heart.
be honest within yourself; if you are, 
then you cannot fail.
reach out for the good. be strong and don't give up!

nextt! haa, lagilagi next. hahahh haa, esok hari untuk aku lepak dengan yang lainlain pulak tahu? haaa :D harap awak tak marah eyh? nanti saya takutt. okayy, esok, aku nak lepak dengan scha, nana, fify, and semualah! yang berkaitan. haa, nanti, aku mesti rindu korangg semua! :DD wahh! tak sabar! :DD


  1. Die tak kasi pindah ler tuh.. ahah ;d

  2. hahaahha yelahh! :DD tapi, aku tetap akan pindah laa. :DD